LUSSOLOOKS is back, and we have a brand new pair that is one of Nike’s finest collaborations in recent years. Combining Nike’s classic sportswear look with a high-end fashion brand brings us a striking silhouette that stands out twice as much as others. We are of course talking about the Nike x Sacai LDV Waffle, specifically the black nylon colourway. Over a year on from its original release in March 2020, it still holds its own as one of the most sought after colourways from the entire Nike x Sacai range due to its simple tones. Which is very simple compared to the first release these two brands worked on back in 2019. However, with the double sole, swoosh, laces, tongue, and panelling, it doesn’t have to be a flashy colourway to stand out from the crowd.

Although we love the crazy colours on other Sacai's, this pair lets the design of the shoe take the forefront. We know you might be thinking that the double heel sticking out at the back is rather unusual, but trust us when we say, that in hand, this is a stunning pair that can really be admired close up. Its versatility comes from being able to wear this smart casual trainer with so many different fits. Dressing up this shoe is simple and stands out when worn with smart evening wear in the exact same way it does with sportswear. This is exactly what this collab is all about, the high end, Japanese designer brought that luxury feel to this classic, sporty silhouette.

So, what have we paired this great shoe with? With such an adaptable shape and tone, it’s harder to get this one wrong than it is right. We decided to keep it simple on the bottom with a pair of straight black jeans and add the oversized denim jacket and sweater on the top half to step away from the black and white, but keep the same textures throughout. This look allows the attention to go from top to bottom seamlessly with a double layer on top, flowing down the leg to let the trainers be the star of the show, they deserve to be! As we have mentioned there isn’t a lot that can go wrong with the Sacai's, which leaves us with only a couple of tips to keep in mind when styling them

  • Experiment with the laces – They come with two pairs of laces to fit in with the doubled-up details, so play around with those and others and see what you can come up with.
  • Explore different looks – Monochrome on the feet means you’re free to explore more vibrant patterns and colours on the body, so get creative.

We’d love to see your full fits, so be sure to tag us @lussofootwear on Instagram so that we can share them. We’ve got a few additional photos for you at the bottom if you are struggling for inspiration. That’s it from us on what is truly a pair that can only be fully appreciated on close inspection, so if you’re thinking of pulling the trigger on a pair of Sacai's, just do it (see what we did there?), you will not be disappointed. You can cop the black nylon pair that we’ve showcased here… Nike x Sacai Black Nylon, or take a look at the entire Nike x Sacai range if you like something a bit more out there. Thank you for checking out our second instalment of LUSSO LOOKS, remember to follow us on the ‘gram for updates on the next piece, and of course all the latest in the sneaker world – @lussofootwear_

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